About Cake Faith


Cake Faith is a black-owned business thriving on traditional family recipes. The genius behind our infamous Original Pound Cake belongs to the matriarchal side of our CEO's family. We are born and raised in Alexandria Virginia; from the southside of Old Town Alexandria and beyond. If you were/are a friend of the family you are surely familiar with "Rocky's Pound Cake," a crowd pleaser! Her pound cake is what got us started. At one point in time, you couldn't go to an event or gathering without someone asking if she brought a cake. I guarantee that her smile and love is what made the cakes taste 1000% better. Keep your eyes on our page, you might come across some of Rocky's limited edition flavors. Did someone say chocolate chip pound cake? :)

The goal for us is simple: to offer affordable memorable desserts with simple ingredients. I promise you, we offer the best cake and madeleine’s this side of town. Our recommendation if you're a first time customer is to get a half pound cake and enjoy it with your favorite ice cream. You won't be disappointed! God is faithful, God is good, we thank Him for giving us the opportunity to share our slice of heaven with you. Enjoy!


**If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team directly by filling out the contact form.**